Remember The 13 Common things that people face difficulties having brain injury

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury

After a brain injury, many people have difficulties with speaking, listening or being aware of other people’s non-verbal communication. These difficulties can include problems with talking and writing; or with understanding what they are reading, or what someone is saying. Some people also find it difficult to have a conversation in a group and may get restless, or not realise that they are interrupting other people. Of course, this can lead to problems and means that their family, work colleagues, and friends may need to show them patience and understanding.

  1. Not being able to recognize words that they used to know
  2. Needing things to be repeated several times
  3. Having difficulty when someone speaks quickly or tells them a lot of information in one go.
  4. Not paying attention in conversations
  5. Not understanding fully what someone is saying
  6. Not being able to follow instructions
  7. Misunderstanding jokes, sarcasm, or taking what someone…

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